Message from the Director



We hope that you are having an enjoyable summer! We are so excited to see you this Fall and begin another wonderful season of dance at Dance World Academy! Participating with us means so many incredible things! Children and Teens get healthy physical exercise while expressing themselves emotionally! Dance perks up the brain cells and can make students smarter in school! Beautiful costumes and a Broadway quality elaborate recital create memories of a lifetime! Your child and teen will have so much fun while increasing memorization and teamwork skills! We are ready and excited to begin the new season and we look forward to seeing you! We appreciate your faith and trust with us!

Our teachers are proud to motivate and inspire, encouraging students to believe in themselves and adopt an “I can do it” attitude while teaching safely and correctly! Whether students plan a professional career or dance for a hobby, our training is a “training for life” which supports the idea that our students should always put their best foot forward in every endeavor. This type of instruction is unique to Dance World Academy … every student is important to us and receive the benefit of the teachers’ time, energy and education in order to make them a better dancer. In some schools, only the top students receive such dedicated instruction but at Dance World Academy, we show each and every student that they are extremely important to us. We love our students and want them to keep coming back year after year.

This is why we at Dance World Academy strongly encourage children and teens to continue dancing. My experience as a teacher has certainly shown me that dance when taught with care and discipline is an excellent activity for a young person’s mental and physical development. Dance develops your child’s personality, focus, memorization skills, sense of responsibility, teamwork skills, their ability to commit and their ability to persevere when faced with challenges. They will also learn the value of doing their personal best and experience the health benefits of exercise (increased energy and stamina). Most will continue to make exercise a priority in their life long after they hang up their dancing shoes. They will also learn to express themselves in a healthy, positive way, through the beauty of dance and music. Dance has a special way of touching the soul and those who do not pursue a performing career will certainly become the dance, music and theater audiences of tomorrow. This is thanks to you, their parents who have given them the wonderful opportunity and cultural enrichment of studying dance.

We appreciate your business and your trust in us when it comes to your most precious possession …. your children!


Dancingly Yours,

Donna Farinella, Director