Dance Company

Imagine a program that will give your child more confidence to overcome challenges! Imagine a program that will help your child learn how to perform under pressure and teach him/her how to work with others to reach a goal! Imagine a program where he/she will discover the real joy of dancing!! Well…imagine no more. You’ve found that program right here at the Dance World Academy Dance Company!

The Dance World Academy Dance Company was founded in 1979 to help students who wanted to dance more than just recreationally to work with a strongly committed group of people to achieve high technical and artistic goals. Just as students join a sports team, our Dance World Academy Dance Company provides an excellent outlet for the students whose favorite activity is dance. All students are considered through teacher recommendation. We look for students who have the talent, determination and the work ethic to achieve at a much higher level than what can be accomplished in a once a week recreational dance class. Students must be able to attend outside of class time rehearsals and have the parental support to pay for competitions and bring students to extra rehearsals. The students listed below have devoted a lot of time and energy to dance and have achieved outstanding top awards and high scores in competitions throughout the Nation. Aside from competitions, our Dance World Academy Dance Company attends field nips and conventions to broaden their horizons in dance. They are also eligible for performance trips like the ones we have taken to Disney World, Russia, China, Germany, London and Paris!

Our Dance Company is led by our Director, Donna Farinella and our Chief Executive Dance Teacher, Debra I. Wolter. The many other fabulous DWA Faculty members who work with our Dance Company are Yessenia Ledesma, Natalie Ward, Maritza Domenack, Lester Holmes, J.P. Ferreri, Stephany Lockhart, Natalia Ejova, and Yuka Omori. Thank you for inspiring our students to excellence!